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Love hunting and love archery? Then you would know what you need to have the best time hunting with your arrows. Even if you have the latest arrow in the market with you, it may not do you any good, if you don’t have the right quiver to keep it safe. Quivers have been in place from the days men started using arrows to hunt. Earlier they were either made of wood, leather and even fur. In the modern era, we get the quivers in both metal and plastic. Choosing the best bow quiver could be challenging and reading bow quiver reviews can help before buying one.


Best Bow Quiver

G4Free High-grade Matte Velvet Arrow-back pot

Light weightd and comfortable,It could hold about 30 arrows

This is considered by us the best bow quiver on the market!
9.2 Total Score
Best Bow Quiver 2016

This is considered by us the best bow quiver on the market!

User Rating: 4.5 (1 votes)

There are quite a few bow quivers made of multiple materials available in the market. However, the best is what is comfortable to you. The G4Free’s high grade matte velvet arrow-back pot quiver three fixed-back archery F hunting of micro fiber material is one of the top most selling bow quivers in the market. And here are the reasons why it is better than most of the other products in the market.

  1. Can hold as many as 30 arrows.
  2. Made of micro fiber, which does not which means it doesn’t lose its sheen and is also easy to clean.
  3. Lighter in weight which means it is easy to carry.
  4. The compartments are deeper and can hold the arrows comfortably. Even the longest of the arrows (say 31”) will fit in easily.
  5. There are also pockets in the front to place other items like strings, knife, glue, light, wax and anything else you might need when you are out hunting.

Best Bow Quiver for the Money

G5 Outdoors Head-Loc Quiver

Quiet Exo-Flex Hood Absorbs Vibration and Reduces Noise

Whatever it is we are buying, we only want it to be our money’s worth. That is why we pick the G5 outdoors Head-Loc quiver. A fast selling, affordably priced and stylish looking quiver from G5 outdoors, you have 4 different pricing options to choose from. So what makes it worth your money? Let’s take a brief look:

  • Made of exo flex, the hood easily absorbs any vibration and reduces noise.
  • Easily fits into mechanical and fixed broadheads
  • Arrows are securely held thanks to the powergrip spreader
  • Mount is easily adjustable so you can customize the fit as per your requirements.
  • Available in 4 variations that easily fits your budget.
  • Fast selling, trusted brand and is money’s worth.

Check out the detailed product review to know more!


Best bow quiver on a budget

Kwikee Kwiver (4-Arrow Quiver)

Equipped to hold a Large range of shaft diameters

So you love shooting arrows and hunting down with your bow, but you are worried about the money you have to spend on the quiver to hold your precious arrows. Here we bring to you the best bow quiver that fits easily into your budget. The Kwikee Kwiver (4-arrow quiver) kwikee combo comes at a price that fits into the budget of anyone. A brief snapshot on the product is as below:

  • The quiver is designed to hold 4 arrows
  • It can easily hold larger diameter shafts, thanks to the design.
  • Eight variations of quivers at an affordable price ranging from $26-$36.
  • An ultra lock function that ensures the vibrations is absorbed with ease.
  • Lighter in weight and is easy to carry with a length of only 12 5/8 “
  • Also equipped with arctic-2 holders for arrows.

Why do you need a bow quiver?

A quiver is like a home for your arrows. Also, being a hunter, you would know that a few extra arrows are always of great help. But then you might wonder why one should go for a bow quiver given that a quiver full of arrows attached to your bow might actually unbalance you. Let us take a look at some advantages on why one should go for a bow quiver.


  1. Convenience: This is the first and foremost reason for any bow hunter to have a quiver attached to his bow. The bow quiver ensures that your arrows are at just a finger tip away and are handy whenever you want to use them. When the quiver is attached to your bow, it becomes a single object which can help you remove and replace arrows with more speed and agility.
  2. Detachability: This is another feature that makes these bow quivers more appreciative in the eyes of the bow hunters. The bow quivers are easily detachable and hence if you want to remove them for a particular hunt, you can do so with ease. And you don’t have to even unstring the bow when removing the quiver. Also, since the bow quivers are not of much weight, it is easy to carry them with your bow. A bow quiver gives the chance to use both a bow mounted version and a separate stand alone quiver version depending on the hour of need.
  3. Capacity: This is another feature looked for in a bow quiver. They come with a capacity to hold anything from 3 to 10 arrows while the most preferred is the 5 arrow quiver by the archers. You can choose based on your preferences and the arrows are within your reach whenever you need them.
  4. Reduction of vibration and noise: With the bow quivers being designed to absorb vibration and noise, you can enjoy a much better day at hunting and a better balance in your shoot. There are bow quivers made of micro fiber, eco flex and many other materials, best suited to meet the demands of the modern world. These ensure that any string vibration is absorbed by the bow quiver and you have a better shot at your prey.

Putting it simply, a bow quiver gives you that extra edge that you need when you go out hunting. It makes your day even more fun when you have your arrows at your beck and call.

What makes a great bow quiver – a Buyer’s guide

Quivers are an important addition to any archer’s equipment. In general, quivers come in many forms, that which can be strapped onto your back, legs, and hips and to your belt.  There are also the bow quivers which are considered to be more convenient by many archers for many reasons. There are different models and makes of bow quivers available in the market. It is important to know what to look for and how to make the right choice of the bow quiver. Let us look at a few points which you need to take into consideration when buying a bow quiver.


  1. Material used: Gone are the days when the quivers were made of fur, wood and leather. We are in an era where plastic, metal and more enhanced materials are used for making quivers. The material you should look out for in your quiver should be something that is convenient, lighter in weight, durable, easy to clean and has a longer lifetime. Most importantly, check out the bow quivers that have materials to absorb the string vibrations. This will help you with a better shot at your prey.
  2. Arrows: The next feature to look out for is the number of arrows your bow quiver can hold. Of course, the bow quivers can generally hold from 3-10 arrows depending on their design. Most of the professional and trained archers prefer a quiver that can hold up to 5 arrows. This will help you to have a better balance and have arrows within your reach anytime you want them.
  3. Noise: When you are hunting a prey, the slightest noise can dampen your hunt. So you need a quiver that can keep your arrows intact, reducing the noise level to the barest minimum during arrow extraction. Choose a bow quiver that can keep the arrows intact and have noise reducing materials in the make so that the arrows don’t jiggle.
  4. Which hand: This is very crucial and is dependent on whether you are a right handed person or left handed. There are even quivers that are available for those who are ambidextrous. So choose your quiver based on the hand you will use for stringing the bow.
  5. The right fit: You need to choose a quiver that fits right with your height and your bow’s length. If you are buying a quiver for your children or for women, then you may want to choose a smaller one so that it fits right into their height range.
  6. Other accessories: Choose a quiver that will have additional pockets to keep your other hunting equipments like torch, knife, glue and even scorecards in case of target practices. This will help elimination of carrying too much baggage.
  7. Adjustability and detachability: Almost all the bow quivers are easily detachable and hence you can remove them when you need to, like in an instance you are climbing up a tree for a shot. Also, if you are able to get the quiver that can be adjusted to hold different sized arrows or arrows of differing lengths, then you have the best of the lot in your hands.

If your bow quiver fits into all of the above categories and it comes at a good price, then you are looking at the right quiver for your requirements.


Best bow quiver – Full review

Let us take a look at a detailed review of the G4free High-grade Matte Velvet Arrow-back pot quiver three fixed-back Archery F hunting. The product features all the qualities you would look for in the best quiver.

G4Free High-grade Matte Velvet Arrow-back pot

Light weightd and comfortable,It could hold about 30 arrows


  1. Micro fiber material: The material used in the making of this exquisite bow quiver is micro fiber which ensures that any vibration or tension is completely subdued. It also helps keeping your arrows intact, making sure they don’t jiggle about when you move around. What is also very important about this material is the fact that this makes the entire item very light in weight and comfortable to carry around. So now hunting is not a heavy affair nor is target practice. Anyone, can do it.
  2. Size of the quiver: The quiver is sized at 22*4 inches in breadth and 55*10 inches in length. This means you have deeper pockets that you can hold a maximum arrow size of 30 inches. Also, with a wider berth, it gives you an option to hold more than 20 arrows at the same time. So, you don’t have to worry about falling short of arrows when you are out hunting or practicing target.
  3. Arrow compartment: The arrow compartment requires a special mention here. It is very deep and is thick that it can hold back any vibration and also helps in reducing any noise significantly. This means you don’t have to worry about frightening your game when you are aiming for a hit.
  4. Additional compartments: Apart from the usual compartment to house your arrows, the quiver also comes with two compartments in the front. This is really helpful when you go out for a hunt and you want to carry additional items, easy to reach, like knife, glue, strings, etc. Even when you are out practicing target, these pockets can hold your scorecards and the like.
  5. Light weight: The material used makes the quiver lighter in weight, comfortable to carry and shock absorbent too. You can be rest assured that you will have a free reign without any hassle when you are out hunting.


As far as the advantages are concerned, this quiver features all that you could ask for from a quiver. Just to name a few:

  • More place to hold more arrows.
  • Lighter in weight, easy to carry.
  • Quality material which is durable and easy to clean.
  • Material that will absorb vibration and noise letting you focus completely on the hunt
  • Affordable price and a quality brand.
  • Excellent customer support team to help you through your purchase.

As far as disadvantages are concerned, there is only one that can be viewed as a drawback. It is the fact that this quiver is designed for those who are right handed and hence if you are left handed then you may want to look at a different product from G4free.

85 %
90 %
92 %

Best bow quiver for the money – Full review

Value for money is what you get when you buy G5 outdoors Head-loc quiver. It is one of the fast selling brands of quivers from one of the trusted manufacturers of bow quivers. Let us take at look at the features of this bow quiver and see why this is really worth the money you pay for.

G5 Outdoors Head-Loc Quiver

Quiet Exo-Flex Hood Absorbs Vibration and Reduces Noise


A definite headway in the technology of quivers, this G5 outdoors head loc quiver has all that you would want from a bow quiver and more, especially considering the low price tag.

  1. Material in the making: This head loc quiver is made of Exo flex which ensures that any noise or vibration doesn’t affect your shooting experience, be it targets practice or a real hunt in the woods. Also the compression technology used on the head loc ensures that the actions of the bow do not affect the quiver or vice versa. It acts as an insulator between the two. The mounting system is designed to remove any noise or vibration from seeping out so your game is unaware of your aim. The exo flex used in the making is also lighter in weight which makes it easy to move around with and provides a greater stability in aiming.
  2. Make of the quiver: The quiver is designed in such a way that it doesn’t hinder your progress in the woods when you are stalking your game. It sits much closer to the bow, ensuring a better balance and stability in shooting. Also, since it doesn’t get caught onto the branches in the woods, it is easy to move stealthily behind your game.
  3. The arrow compartments: The hood is designed to fit both expandable and fixed broadheads. Also the double spreader makes sure that the arrows are held securely. A total of 6 arrows can held in this bow quiver and so you have 6 shots to have your game secured. Given that most of the professional hunters believe 5 arrows is a min requirement on a bow quiver, 6 gives you an additional advantage.
  4. Customized fit: What makes the bow quiver more interesting is that it can be customized to fit into anyone’s requirement, thanks to its adjustable mount. Also it comes with a free mountain bracket for trees, making it a purchase worth your money.


To summarize the advantages of the G5 outdoors Head-loc quiver are:

  • Lighter in weight and hence easily portable.
  • Noise reduction and vibration absorbent material in use.
  • Securely held protection for arrows.
  • Customized fit to meet everyone’s requirement.
  • Additional tree mounting bracket

In terms of drawbacks, there are a couple of issues that have been highlighted by customers. The first one is the work required in mounting and detaching the quiver mount to the bow. The second issue is that some may find the side holders to be difficult to attach the arrows to. Other than these two, the quiver is definitely worth the money you spend for your bow quiver.

90 %
85 %
90 %

Best Bow quiver on a budget – Full review

If you are on a tight budget and you are still looking to exploit the best out of bow quivers, then Kwikee Kwiver is what you should be looking at. Let us take a look at what Kwikee has on offer.

Kwikee Kwiver (4-Arrow Quiver)

Equipped to hold a Large range of shaft diameters


  1. Affordability: What makes this quiver friendly to the customer is the price in which it comes at. There are a total of 8 variations that are available based on the color scheme and slight camouflage features and it comes at a cost of $26-$36a piece. The price is quite cheap compared to other quivers in the market and is easily fitting into anyone’s budget.
  2. Versatility on shaft holds: Another feature that makes this bow quiver stand out is its ability to adjust to any shaft diameter. Be it a crossbow bolt or a narrow nano, you can fit them all with this bow quiver. At a length of 12 5/8” this is definitely easy to handle too.
  3. Arrow related: The quiver is designed to hold 4 arrows and has arctic-2 holders to keep your arrows locked on securely to it. There is also an ultra lock function that ensures there is no vibration to the quiver or the bow when you move around.
  4. Camouflage: Available in 8 different colors from simple black to Mossy oak, the Kwikee Kwiver is designed to provide you the natural camouflage when you move around in woods blending you into the surrounding. Now it is easy to blend into the environment without having to worry about being stealthy.
  5. Lighter weight: With all this feature, the quiver weighs only 9.7 ounces which means that it is very light to carry with your bow. Also, this does not overly unbalance your aim and helps you to maintain your stability while shooting. Also the quiver is detachable making it the apt equipment for your hunting and target practice sessions.

budggetTo summarize the pros of having a Kwikee Kwiver,

  • It is easy to carry and lighter in weight.
  • It is easily detachable and mounts easily too.
  • It dampens noise and absorbs vibration.
  • Camouflage pattern to help you blend well.
  • Broader shaft accommodation and also accommodates narrower shafts like nanos.
  • Comes at a very affordable price.

Kwikee Kwiver does everything except for holding more arrows in it. However, that should not be hindering your game since you still have four arrows to hunt. Also, it fits into everyone’s budget quiet easily making it the most apt choice for those who are working on a tight budget.


92 %
87 %
90 %

Other considerations

There are quite a few types of quivers in the market and more than 50% of the trained professionals love to have a bow quiver. The reason simply being the ease with which you have access to multiple arrows at the same time. Quivers have been in place ever since men have been using arrows to hunt and it has definitely evolved over time. There are a few things that people look out for when buying a bow quiver or any other quiver for that matter, which is evident from the various customer reviews.


  1. The first one that sways people in favor of a quiver is its affordability versus its features. While people do want to reduce the cost on a quiver, they are definitely not interested in investing in some quiver which does not provide basic functions. While cost does play a role, it is not the sole factor tipping the scale in favor of a quiver.
  2. The second point that people do check out is on vibration and noise absorption. We all know that arrows are meant for hunting or to practice targets. When you are hunting, you definitely do not want to alert your game on what you are up to. Sometimes however, when you are removing an arrow from the quiver or nocking it, you might actually be making the slightest of the noise which the game picks up. Hence customers want a quiver that is easy and noiseless to mount or remove.
  3. Buying the right quiver based on the kind of cross bow you use is quite important. Some quivers do not have the adjustability to accommodate broader shafts or sometimes not equipped to handle narrow nanos. So you need to either buy a quiver which can accommodate broader shafts and narrow ones or choose something based on your requirements.
  4. People also choose quivers based on how they use it. For instance, if you are a right handed person, then a quiver that supports you is what you need to go for. There are even ambidextrous quivers in the market.
  5. Another point of importance is how your arrows fit into the quiver and the length of the arrows that you use should get accommodated easily into the quiver. Also the number of arrows that fit into the quiver should be taken into account. If it is a bow quiver, then too many arrows in the quiver can have an impact on the balancing of the bow and thereby your shot. As per expert’s, the ideal number of arrows is to have 5 in a bow quiver. But choose what works best for you and your bow.

Quivers are highly important for the role they play in securing your arrows is huge. Even the most expensive of the arrows need a safe and secure quiver to keep them intact and not to let them hinder your hunt. Choose your quiver wisely and you can have a great time shooting.

If you are a hunter or an archer, you will find multiple varieties of quivers with different designs available. There are quivers that can be attached to the back, to the belt, to the hip and so on. However bow quivers are most preferred as they help you have a better chance on your shot. You need to look for the different conditions in which you will be using your quiver, including the weather and choose your quiver accordingly. The other conditions that will come into play are the amount of camouflage you need, the noise reduction and the place you will use and so on. Choosing the right quiver goes a long way in improving your hunting/shooting game.


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