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There’s a reason for the saying ‘that’s the best thing since sliced bread’. The bread slicer changed the way we interacted with bread. It made bread easier to manage, tidier, slices became perfectly uniform in size, and it saved time. Sliced bread is considered one of the best breakthroughs in the last century. Some thought it to be a fad but this is clearly not so.

Every type of bread imaginable is available in supermarkets today and most of it is sliced using a mechanical slicer before it is packaged. Despite this, many prefer to bake their own bread at home or buy fresh baked loaves they can slice themselves. Mechanical slicers are not practical to use at home but manual slicers represent an affordable and easy way to slice your own bread or baked goods at home.

Bread slicers come at different price points and with different features so here we review several slicers we deem worth considering. We reveal the overall best bread slicer, the best bread slicer for the money, and the best bread slicer on a budget.

Best Bread Slicer

The Original Foldable Slicer

Uses hardwood and hardwood faced materials; No Bamboo (No splinters)

This is considered by us the best bread slicer on the market!
9.2 Total Score
Best Bread Slicer 2016!

This is considered by us the best bread slicer on the market!

User Rating: 4.28 (3 votes)

The Bread Pal Bread Slicer is beautiful in its simplicity. It is made of high quality hardwood and is spring-loaded. We love this design element! The spring enables you to quickly and easily set it up and fold it flat for compact storage. The bread-slicing guide lets you choose between thick and thin slices of bread depending on your preference and the occasion. The Bread Pal Bread Slicer is durable, well-made, and is an attractive unit if you want to leave it set up on your counter permanently. Also noteworthy is that it’s made in the US.

It isn’t quite perfect in design and function however. We like that there are two thickness options for slicing but the thin one seems a tad thin so we tended towards the thick slicing option. We also really wish that it included a crumb catcher. Slicing bread is messy and it’s nice if the mess is somewhat contained. That being said, it performs its primary function very well and with a little flair. For these reasons, we choose The Bread Pal as the best overall bread slicer.

Best Bread Slicer for the money

Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer

The Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer is a very popular slicer and provides an affordable option for decent quality. A nice plus is that it is made of bamboo, which is a very eco-friendly option. We appreciate that all components are made of bamboo giving it a seamless esthetic. Additionally, this slicer provides three options for bread thickness, making it ideal for multiple users with different preferences and/or for different types of loaves.

Overall, this bread slicer will get the job done nicely. It isn’t perfect in design but it seems to pass muster with heavy-duty bakers. For these reasons, we choose the Bamboo Foldable Slicer as the best bread slicer for the money.

Best Bread Slicer on a Budget

DB-Tech Bamboo Wood Compact

Keeps bread and other baked goods fresh longer

The D8-Tech Bamboo Bread Slicer is a great option for those with a smaller budget or for those who are purchasing their first slicer. We appreciate that it provides three options for slice thickness and that it is an attractive unit. It will certainly get the job done.

Although the D8-Tech is our budget pick, the adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ applies here to a certain extent. The bread slicer likely won’t last a lifetime but you probably aren’t expecting it to. Although our unit held up just fine, other testers found some serious quality issues. The slicer feels cheap overall and, according to some users, is prone to collapsing.

There are also some issues with the slice guides not matching up on either side of the unit, which means you are cutting on an angle. Although it is our top pick for best bread slicer on a budget, we encourage you to go in with eyes wide open. It will get the job done, just with a little more effort on the user’s part.

Why you need a bread slicer

Bread can be sliced without a slicer. That we know is true. It has been done for centuries. As a result, bread slicers are not necessarily household items. BUT they are ideal for certain households.

Bread slicers are perfect for people who bake their own bread and/or who bake other types of loaves. They are also ideal for families who purchase fresh loaves of bread with the intent of slicing them later at home. You can certainly slice your baked goods with a knife but this means your slices will be far less than perfect. The true beauty of a bread slicer is that it won’t spoil your bread by leaving you with untidy, ragged, angular slices. Rather, the slicer controls the slicing so that the end result is beautiful, uniform, neat, exacting replicas of one another.

No doubt for avid bakers, a bread slicer is a critical must-have. In particular, if you own a bread maker you should not be without a bread slicer. They are also must-have for people who bake occasionally or buy fresh loaves and want their bread sliced to perfection. There are a lot of bread slicers on the market so we have narrowed the search for you. The following guide represents a great starting point as you begin to shop for your bread slicer.

What makes a great bread slicer – The Buyer’s Guide

There are several key things you want to look for in a bread slicer, namely:

  • Functionality:

A bread slicer is meant to allow the user to slice bread in an easy and uniform fashion. The slicer you choose should be designed to accommodate different sizes of loaves both in height and width. The slicing guides should be lined up to enable for seamless, tidy slices.

Key question – Does it function well as a bread slicer?

  • Slice width options:

A variety of slice width options is an important feature to accommodate different users’ preferences and different types of loaf and/or uses. For example, you might want one thickness for sandwich bread and another for French toast.

Key question – Does it offer slice widths to fit my household’s needs?

  • Quality of construction:

It should be sturdy enough to support the pressure applied when slicing bread and be made of quality materials.

Key question – Is it sturdy enough to make slicing easy and will it last as I expect it to?

  • Compact storage:

It should fold for easy storage. Many users prefer not to leave them out on the counter.

Key question – Does it have a folding feature that is easy to use?

  • Budget:

The selection of slicers available means you can find one right for your budget. Once you determine your budget, you can narrow your search and shop for slicers that fit within that range.

Key question – What is my budget?


Best Bread Slicer Full Review

The Original Foldable Slicer

Uses hardwood and hardwood faced materials; No Bamboo (No splinters)

We consider the Bread Pal Bread Slicer to be the best overall bread slicer. It performs well and will meet your bread slicing needs easily. It is available for around the $62 mark and we say it’s worth the money. Particularly if you use a bread slicer daily or even weekly, this is a very worthwhile investment. Even if you will only use it occasionally, it won’t break the bank and the spring-loaded folding mechanism makes it a snap to set up and store.

+ Strengths
The Bread Pal has several strengths that differentiate it from other slicers. First it is very accommodating to different bread sizes. A loaf up to 6.25” wide will fit in the slicer and there is no limit to length. If the bread is extra long, the excess length just extends over the end of the board and can be moved up as a loaf is sliced. In terms of slice sizes, with the Bread Pal you can choose between .38” and .5” thick slices. This is a really nice feature for multiple users with different thickness preferences, as well as for different types of loaf. The slicing guides are nice and tall enabling you to insert the knife well above the loaf, facilitating clean slices.

It’s a very attractive unit made of maple and birch hardwood, as opposed to bamboo which can splinter. Further, many scrupulous buyers will appreciate that is manufactured in the US.


– Weaknesses

Although we really love the Bread Pal, there is room for improvement on certain aspects of it. The plastic insert that is meant to secure the butt of the loaf is a little cheap feeling. Further, one must be very careful when slicing to avoid damaging the plastic base or nicking the wood frame.

One feature we really wish the Bread Pal had is a crumb catcher. This would move it from ‘pal’ to ‘best friend’ territory. We also worry that the slice thickness options are too exacting. The narrower thickness feels a little too narrow and the wider thickness feels a little too wide. We would almost always opt for the thicker slice but then you are going through bread faster.

The other thing we want to point out is that you need a REALLY long knife to slice the bread it holds. Naturally this comes with the territory since it accommodates wide loaves but buyers may also need to invest in a new knife.

Best Feature:
Spring-loaded set up and fold feature.

Worst Feature:
Lacks a crumb catcher.


Best Bread Slicer for the Money Full Review

Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer

The Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer is a decent option for those who don’t want to spend more on something like the Bread Pal. It is available for around the $32 mark and is definitely the best bread slicer for the money. Although it does have a few issues associated with quality, it will still do more than a fine job.

+ Strengths

One thing we really like about the Bamboo Foldable Slicer is that it’s made of bamboo. Although bamboo does tend to splinter, it is much more eco-friendly than harvesting hardwood. Another perk is that, similar to the Bread Pal, it folds very nicely to be tucked away for easy storage. It isn’t spring-loaded like the Bread Pal but it still folds with relative ease.

The Bamboo Foldable Slicer outdoes the Bread Pal in that it offers three slice thicknesses – .31”, .4”, and .47”. This makes great sense in a bread slicer. Also superior to the Bread Pal is that both the base of the slicer as well as the insert for the butt of the loaf are made of wood which gives it a more consistent and classic look. It also accommodates loaves of any length.

– Weaknesses

Although being made of bamboo is a strength; it is also a weakness. The wood splinters easily meaning you have to be very precise when you slice. You also must approach it gently for the same reason. It also seems TOO wide. At 7.4” wide, a regular loaf is likely to wiggle around a lot making slicing tougher. As a result, the knife you use must be extra long.

Another strange design feature is that the slicer’s vertical guide height is low, meaning that you might have a loaf that is taller than the vertical rise of the slicer. This makes slicing very tough since you have to eyeball knife placement in order to hit the guide. It’s frustrating because one can easily botch tidy slicing, which is the point of the apparatus after all.

As well, we thought it noteworthy to point out that it also lacks a crumb catcher. We weren’t expecting one in a unit of this price but it doesn’t pick up for the Bread Pal’s shortcoming, which would have scored it a few bonus points. It also has a strange smoky smell. Some people might like this but we found it a little unsettling. It didn’t mix well with the smell of fresh bread.

Best Feature:
Three options for slice widths.

Worst Feature:
Vertical rise of slicing guide too low.


Best Bread Slicer on a Budget Full Review

DB-Tech Bamboo Wood Compact

Keeps bread and other baked goods fresh longer

We consider the DB-Tech Bamboo Slicer a great product for those on a budget, but it isn’t perfect. Available at the $25 mark, it is not of the highest quality and isn’t as easy to use as some of the other products available on the market. If you are patient enough to figure out its quirks, it will get the job done. That said, we would suggest that if you can find an additional $7 to spend on a slicer, the Bamboo Foldable Slicer is a better option.

+ Strengths

The D8-Tech provides three options for slice thickness –  .31”, .39”, and .47”, which is a nice range. It also folds very nice for easy and compact storage. Like the Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer, the D8-Tech is also made from 100% bamboo. It is a nice perk for the environmentally-conscious consumer. We also really like that it is available in two widths – 6.5” and 7.5” so it overcomes the width shortcoming of the Bamboo Foldable by offering a narrower alternative. Like its counterparts, it will accommodate loaves of any length.

Its design includes a moveable side brace to stabilize the slicer and serves double-duty as a guide to help you set the slicing thickness you want to use. This is absent in its two more expensive cousins.  Furthermore, we find this slicer to be very attractive with its rich wood grain. Even though it folds easily, you may not want to tuck it away because of its esthetic.


– Weaknesses

As with the Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer, although being made of bamboo is a strength because of the reduced environmental footprint, it is also a weakness when it comes to performance. The bamboo damages easily under moderate knife pressure. Sturdiness is also an issue. Some customers complain that this slicer is too flimsy so they have to hold the slicing guide with one hand while they cut with the other.

As far as overall quality of construction, the product is prone to collapsing as you use it, hence needing two hands. Furthermore, the slots don’t line up in every unit so as you hit the mark with your knife on one side, you might not on the other. This makes for some angular slices, which is the opposite of what a bread slicer is supposed to accomplish.

Lastly the return policy for this product doesn’t seem to be designed with the customer in mind. We didn’t try to return our unit but other customers had issues. A particular annoyance was that they were charged a restocking fee, which almost makes the return worthless.

Best Feature:
Three options for slice widths.

Worst Feature:
Quality of construction.



To conclude, a bread slicer will definitely improve the calibre of sliced bread you yield. If you slice bread once a year, it likely isn’t a necessary purchase but if your household is one that purchases full loaves of bread or includes a bread maker or anybody who bakes, then a bread slicer is a must-have.

There really are bread slicers to support any budget. That said, if you can stretch your dollars to afford something a little better than an economy option, we recommend it. Most people who bake take pride in their product and a bread slicer that celebrates your creations makes perfect sense. Baking is meant to be enjoyable. Making perfect slices is like the icing on the cake.



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