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Extech 445715

Best Overall

ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer

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Thermor Bios Indoor

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Caliber 4R Gold

Best Analog

AcuRite 00613

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Everyone who lives in their own residence, be it an apartment or house, should have a good hygrometer? Why? Because even though you might be able to “sense” whether it’s humid or dry in your home, there’s no way for you to gauge EXACTLY what the humidity level is without a best hygrometer for home.

With one of the affordable hygrometer options below, you can experiment with humidity levels in order to find the correct humidity percentage for you. From there, you can set your humidifier equipment to operate at that level continuously, maintaining your desired humidity range throughout the day/night.

According to health reports found online, the correct level of humidity for optimal health is between 30%-50%, with 45% being the average norm. Below, we’re going to be showcasing 5 hygrometers along with their features.

Extech 445715 Big Digit Hygro-Thermometer

Complete with built-in stand, mounting bracket, sensor, and 1 AAA battery; optional calibration salt bottles

The most popular hygrometer and our best hygrometer overall!
9.2 Total Score
Best Hygrometer!

The most popular hygrometer and our best hygrometer overall!

User Rating: 2.15 (30 votes)

Top 5 Hygrometers



Extech 445715 Big Digit Hygro-Thermometer

The large style digits on the Extech 445715 are easy to read from a distance. You can see temperature and humidity levels from far away with just a quick glance! It comes with a convenient stand, mounting bracket, sensor, AAA batteries, and calibration bottles. The accuracy of the Extech 445715 provides a reading that’s within 1.8 degrees of the actual humidity/temperature, guaranteed.

1 Year Warranty
Also available featuring official NIST Standard of Traceability Certification

Extech 445715 Big Digit Hygro-Thermometer

Product color is very dark green and white


ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer

Priced well below competing hygrometers and the best selling hygrometer on Amazon, the ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer monitors both temperature and humidity and display the data in Celsius or Fahrenheit format. It has easy visual indicators for the air quality in the room using a DRY / WET / COMFORT nomenclature and keeps historical records for maximum and minimum temperatures reached. 

With a small and portable design supported by a magnetic backing, it can be easily displayed anywhere in the room.

ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer

Indoor Thermometer Humidity Monitor


Thermor Bios Indoor

Designed specifically for indoor use, the Thermor Bios Indoor Hygrometer with Thermometer works great for any indoor area where you need continuous humidity monitoring. It performs just as well as the super expensive hygrometers at a fraction of the price.

As far as accuracy goes, it falls just a point or two short of dead-on. This makes a great gift for anyone who needs a nearly perfectly accurate hygrometer to work with indoors.

Thermor Bios Indoor Hygrometer with Thermometer

Indoor hygrometer displays relative humidity and temperature.


Caliber 4R Gold Digital/Analog Hygrometer by Western Humidor

Another Caliber brand hygrometer, the 4R Digital/Analog gives you the best of both worlds! It features the simplicity of an analog readout with the high-tech benefits of a digital display. Western Humidor, who produces the Caliber line of hygrometers, is well known as an authority in producing hygrometers designed specifically for cigar humidors.

It comes with batteries included, three day high/low averages, attractive gold trim, and color-coded central readout area for easy identification of the current humidity level.

Caliber 4R Gold Digital/Analog Hygrometer

Advanced humidity sensor maintains accuracy to +/- 1%


AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor

The AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor is one of the cheapest options you’ll come by. But don’t let the low price tag fool you. It has an awesome array of features, including registering the daily high/lows for both temperature and humidity, a large and easy to see digital readout, magnetic backing, and fold-out stand so you can set it up nearly anywhere.

It operates using a single AA battery, not included, and also doesn’t come with a backlight. But for the super low price tag, it’s a really great deal.

AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor

Features. Indoor temperature (F or C), home comfort Icon

85 %
93 %

Why You Need A Hygrometer

There’s many uses for hygrometers, including keeping your cigars moist. The best cigar hygrometer for you should be chosen according to your available budget and the features you need. Certain hygrometers function as the best humidor hygrometer because they’ve been proven to perform well with consumers and have a high review score.

But the best indoor hygrometer is good for more than just acting as a humidor. You can use a best digital hygrometer to keep an eye on the humidity level in a greenhouse, make sure your home doesn’t go above or below a certain humidity level, ensure the necks on your guitars don’t warp or bend by installing a best guitar hygrometer, monitor the humidity levels within a humidor, protect your valuable posessions from degradation, and more!

Certain hygrometers function as the best humidor hygrometer because they’ve been proven to perform well with consumers and have a high review score

Humidity levels have a lot to do with not only your health, but the health of your belongings as well. Without proper humidity control, valuable furniture and other heirlooms can become damaged quickly.

Farmers often use outdoor hygrometers to keep a close watch on how humidity is affecting crop growth. When farmers know all the statistics about the weather conditions having a positive/negative affect on crop health, they can be working towards improving the outcome of their harvest all year round.

What To Look For When Buying A Hygrometer

Although all hygrometers tell you the level of humidity in the area you have them installed in, certain hygrometers available are more robust, and come with additional features you can use to get the “best bang for your buck”.

Digital Or Analog – Deciding between a digital or analog should be based on your preference. Certain analog hygrometers can be built to last a long, long time. But during their lifespan, they need to be “tuned up” as well as calibrated. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of an analog, then a digital hygrometer would be more appropriate. They come from the factory pre-calibrated and require zero maintenance.

Built-In Memory – Memory modules built into a hygrometers allow you to have an ongoing record of how humidity levels rise and fall, as well as what the average humidity level is across a specific period of time. This makes record keeping and calculations easier when trying to determine what affect humidity is having on a specific location, or group of locations (multiple hygrometers).

Built-In Thermometer – Having a thermometer that comes with your hygrometer in one convenient package can help prevent instances of lost equipment. The more equipment you have operating solo, recording only a single type of readout, the more chance you have of misplacing it.

Built-In Alarm – Knowing the moment humidity levels go above or below a certain range can be very useful, especially when you’re spending time in other areas, away from the hygrometer itself.

Backlit Display – Being able to see the digital readout on your hygrometer isn’t possible at night unless you have a backlit display. This feature can save you the hassle of having to turn on the light every time you want to see a readout in a dimly lit area.

Slim Profile – A hygrometer that’s big and bulky doesn’t do anything to ensure you’ll be able to fit it anywhere. A slim profile hygrometer will fit in tight spaces, and only takes up a few inches of space no matter where you put it.

Affordable Price Tag – Affordability when it comes to hygrometers is important because they’re simplistic instruments. There’s no need to overspend on an overpriced deluxe brand name, when the great majority of the cheaper priced ones are accurate and well-built as it is.

Although it’s possible to live in your home without a hygrometer to gauge the humidity levels, you have the best chance of achieving and maintaining good health by installing a hygrometer. This way, you can keep a healthy level of humidity consistently, and be alerted the moment it rises/falls outside of the desired range. Many people miss out on exactly how much better it feels to know that humidity levels around valued possessions is at an appropriate level. Areas that are too moist or too dry can have a seriously degrading effect on valuable items, and with a hygrometer installed, you can always know for sure that you’re doing your best to protect your health and wealth.

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