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Infrared heaters work by heating items and objects around them, in contrast to traditional heaters. This type of heating is more comfortable to the human body as compared to heated air as a source of warmth. This is an ingeniously designed process that makes the room temperature easy to maintain. This is because the heat emitted by the infrared heater is retained by the room structures and objects present in therein and then gradually released into the air. The Best Infrared Heaters reviewed in this article are a great study of how the process of infrared works, and how Best Infrared Heaters enhance the comfort of the user.


Best Infrared Heater

The Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace

Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace

Provides Infrared Warmth to a Large Room

This is considered by us the best infrared heater on the market!
9.4 Total Score
Best Infrared Heater!

This is considered by us the best infrared heater on the market!

User Rating: 4.65 (1 votes)

This masterpiece is our top pick. It possesses all the features that fireplace users would ever dream of. With the best heating capabilities and superior burnished oak finish, this is the fireplace to get at any cost. It ensures uniform heating throughout the room and is adaptable to any fitting space in the room. This means that it is built to fit in all spaces, without affecting the aesthetic properties.  The best part of the deal, however, is the remote function. The convenience affords the user by enabling them to adjust heat settings from the comfort of their seats makes it an unbeatable deal. More about this wonderful product will be reviewed in details later in the article.


Best Infrared Heater for the Money

The Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Newly Engineered and Designed in USA with Advanced Dual Heating System. 1500W with High and Low Temperature Settings range 50 to 85 degree

This highly rated space heater is made by the famous Dr. Infrared brand. It is a combination of power and durability, at a good price. This heater comes with multiple user-friendly features such as portability, a guaranteed long period of efficiency and energy saving capabilities. It is the highest selling space heating option, mainly because of its price and also durability guarantee. For those looking to save on price and also get a quality guarantee, this is one product that can never disappoint; the features are too good that it almost sounds like a fantasy. A detailed review of this infrared heater will be done later in this article.


Best Infrared Heater on a Budget

The Homegear Pro Large Room Infrared Space Heater

Homegear Pro 1500w Large Room Infrared Space

Efficiently and quickly heats up a medium to large size room. Dual Heating System - combining Mica and Quartz Infrared Heating Tubes. Three heating settings: eco (750W)/low(1000W)/high(1500W)

When looking to acquire an infrared heater on a tight budget, the best option in the market is the Homegear Pro 1500w Large Room Infrared Space/ Cabinet Heater. This heater is efficient in all ways and angles, and the quality assurance is also very heartwarming. The heater combines two very efficient mediums for heat transmission, doubling its heat delivery capabilities and cutting the energy consumption by almost half. A comprehensive review of this product will be done later on in the article.

Why you need an Infrared Heater?

Infrared heaters have some amazing benefits that you will not get using other heaters. They provide heat uniformly, and just like the sun, the heat they emit is absorbed by structures and objects around them; then evenly distributed to the air. The heat they provide is thus gentle and comfortable and does not overheat air causing stuffiness. Space heaters also need to be safe to use. However, not many types of space heaters can be said to be of unquestionable safety standards. Infrared heaters are built to high safety standards, with an aim to reduce the risk of burning accidents. To achieve this, they are designed in such a way that the highest temperature at their core will never exceed certain levels, unlike conventional space heaters. This combined with a protective metal sheathing of the heating elements drastically reduces the chance of children or animals getting burnt from touching the surface.

Infrared heaters do not require high maintenance. This is because they are not constructed using movable parts that are subject to tear and wear. There is no need for lubrication, no replacements for air filters and no worn out motors to worry about. The only maintenance requirements for the infrared heaters is regular cleaning and polishing of the reflectors. This is imperative in ensuring efficient and uniform heat distribution. To further enhance performance, the heat source needs to be changed after a while. The low costs of maintenance are a major benefit that every user would love to enjoy.

The major inconvenience that users of conventional space heaters suffer is the long time taken to recover set heat intensity after being turned off. To counter this inefficiency, infrared heaters are designed and optimized to provide almost instant set heat intensity as before turn off. They do not require long cool down time as compared to other heaters, and the heat recovery is so efficient the user will hardly notice. Infrared heaters also come fitted with thermostats to ensure a balance of heat gain and heat loss, with some having a standby function to save on energy consumption.

The humming noise generated by most conventional heaters is a major cause of discomfort to many users. A quiet yet functional space heater is the dream of any user. Infrared heaters turn this dream into reality. Since they have no whirring fans or running motors that generate noise, these heaters are ideal for use in areas where silence is maintained to optimum levels like bedrooms and study rooms.

Unlike other space heaters which are affected by drafts or wind, infrared heaters are not susceptible to wind interference. These heaters provide comfortable heating even in the worst climatic conditions. There could be a storm blowing hail outside and a warm and cozy room inside. This type of efficiency is achieved through the constant heat generation and distribution by the heating elements and polished reflectors.

Infrared heaters provide instant heat and are ideal for use in situations where warmth is urgently required. This is achieved by the warming process. Infrared heaters warm structures and objects around them, rather than warming the air directly. This process is many times faster than the direct warming of the air.  By radiating heat through infrared rays to objects and structures around them, these heaters create a widespread warming effect that can be felt immediately. This is unlike convectional heaters where the heating effect has first to build up to be felt.

The concept of zone heating is the basis of all space heaters. This is a way of heating only areas that are currently in use, and should result in reduced energy consumption. Most space heaters are not optimized for this type of conservation efficiency, with most being of a fixed nature. Infrared space heaters are however designed in a way that allows for the heating of only the needed areas at a time. The fact that these heaters do not use any carbon combustion or toxic combustion also adds to their environmental conservation benefits.

Infrared heaters provide instant heat and are ideal for use in situations where warmth is urgently required. This is achieved by the warming process.

Infrared space heaters use a substantially lower amount of power. Compared with other types of space heaters, these infrared space heaters save a high percentage of energy, adding to their energy efficiency. They also do not absorb moisture from the air. This phenomenon that is also known as dry heating has been known to cause discomforts such as itchy eyes and dry throat. Users of infrared space heaters do not have to worry about such inconveniences.

The benefits of using infrared space heaters heavily outweigh those of convectional space heaters. These benefits are the major reason these heaters are the highest selling products in their market category and the reason you should consider getting one.

What makes a great Infrared Heater?

Infrared heaters are termed as the best buy options for space heating. These heaters possess some unique benefits such as the ones described above and many others. It is, however, imperative that one understands the features to look out for when buying an infrared space heater. These will help to ensure optimal performance and user experience. Some of these features include:

  • Consumption

The amount of energy consumed by an infrared space heater as compared to the requirements and user preferences. Where the user requires a low energy consuming unit, it would be unreasonable to buy a high consumption unit.

  • Size

The compactness of an infrared space heating unit is a very important feature to consider when buying. This is dependent on whether the user needs a portable heater or a permanent one.

  • Price

It is only normal to consider the price of a product before deciding which one to buy. This will ensure the buyer does not overstretch the budget set for the particular item.

  • Performance

The performance of different infrared space heaters may vary from product to another. It is important to note the performance ratings of each model to get a good grasp of what to choose.

  • Application

This will help the buyer understand the implications and benefits of using each model of an infrared space heater and make an informed decision on the best to purchase.

It is also imperative that the buyer considers the types of heating elements used in the model, so as to be able to analyze the effectiveness of the machine in the application it is needed for.


Best Infrared Heater- Full Review

The Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace

This top choice infrared heater is one of the greatest heating creations ever made. With elegant features unmatched by any other model, the Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace undoubtedly deserves its place among peers.

Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace

Provides Infrared Warmth to a Large Room

This heater is designed to offer utmost comfort and efficiency. It possesses features that complement its basic functional application thus making it the infrared heater of choice to many people. These features are laid out below:

Remote Control Function

The remote control function of the Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace enables the user to control the heater from the comfort of their seats. This feature increases the efficiency and comfort enjoyed in using this infrared heater, bringing to life a long awaited feature of infrared heaters.

Quartz Infrared Heating system

The use of quartz heating element ensures stability in operation and instant heat delivery. This is because quartz elements generate heat at higher speeds than most other heating elements. Quartz is also very stable at high temperatures, giving the elements a longer operational lifespan. For this specific heater, they fitted three of these quartz elements, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind. The quality of heat emitted by these elements is also soft and cozy, with a balance assured even in large rooms.

Burnished Oak Mantle

The aesthetic value of an item is what makes it worth attention. To capture this and also to enhance the beauty of your house, the designers of the Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace included a polished oak finish for the mantle. Since oak blends well with every background, they ensured that you will never go wrong with this beautiful infrared heater. It adds a hint of class in every setting.

Easy to Install

The installation of this infrared heater is easy and cost effective. This comes, as a result, of the fact that the infrared heater does not use combustible fuel and, therefore, requires no vent installation. This feature also adds to the versatility in space allocation and makes it possible to install this heater anywhere.

Energy Saving

The Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace uses minimal energy, consuming only about 1500 watts to heat up a room. This makes it perfect for zone heating and saves on power consumption. All this is achieved with no disruption of the quality heat delivery that this product is known for.

To create the effect of a realistic wood burning fireplace, this masterpiece pleases your eyes with a near real dancing flame and glow. This will add to the comfort offered by this infrared fireplace.

The infrared best choice heater is freestanding, with a transitional style fireplace. It comes with an 11-inch deep fireplace and the capability to heat 1000sq.ft, all at 1500 watt. These features are what make this infrared heater the best choice and the most bought by customers.

There are, however, some demerits about this infrared heater. These include:

It is expensive to purchase.

Due to its intricate design and performance capabilities, the Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace is offered at a high market price. Although the costs of operation and maintenance are low, the buying price makes it impossible or some willing users to access the product.

Limited Colour Options

The burnished oak finish is of the Quaker stone Dark Oak shade. This single color shade limits the choice of customers who would prefer a more lively finish.

In spite of these shortcomings, the infrared heater remains the best choice for many customers and the greatest regarding quality delivery for products in its category.

90 %
85 %
85 %



Best Infrared Heater for the money- Full Review

The Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater

With a track record of being the bestselling and most reliable infrared portable space heater, this ingenious innovation continues to rock the tide as the best in its category.

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Newly Engineered and Designed in USA with Advanced Dual Heating System. 1500W with High and Low Temperature Settings range 50 to 85 degree

The efficiency of this heater is unmatched, with a price to go for and a durability and performance guarantee. This infrared heater is made by the famous Dr. Infrared brand, and as with all great products, it boasts the following features:

Powerful Heating Capabilities

This infrared heater is as powerful as they come, only better. It features 5200 BPUs, designed to heat a space of 1000sq.ft. It features the strong heating elements of quartz, and seamlessly combines these with a convectional heat mode to ensure a uniform heating operation. This dual mode of heating achieves fast and efficient maximum space heat transfer.


The Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater is sturdily mad for durability and long service. This is achieved by the use of quartz heating elements, which are renowned for their power and durability, and also a modular design made with galvanized steel. These properties are so effective that the manufacturers of this infrared heater offer a three-year warranty, and guarantee some 80000 hours of continuous and effective service.

Power Control Settings

This quartz infrared heater is fitted with a power control panel with three different settings. These are the Auto mode, High mode at 1500watts and Low mode at 1000 watts. It also comes fitted with an electric thermostat. To save on energy consumption, you can use the energy saving mode. This allows you to set the temperature ranging around 500-800 F. The electric thermostat then automatically regulates the heating functions, maintaining the heat at the set levels and hence saving on unnecessary energy consumption.

Space Efficient

The unit size of this quartz infrared heater is small, allowing for minimum space consumption. Its small size also allows for the variety of positions and angles in which it can be placed, to the convenience of the user.

Easy to Install

The unit is easy to install and operate and comes with a user manual for reference.


It is important that all electric and heat emitting appliances and equipment satisfy basic safety standards and expectations. The quartz infrared heater is constructed to high standards of safety. Precautions have been taken to ensure the stability of the unit on installation. The relatively small size of the unit protects against possible toppling accidents. The provision of an LED backlit screen enables the user to monitor temperature levels and adjust them for safety and comfort. Care is taken when doing the internal electric systems, to ensure no flaws in the wiring systems. For further protection against electrical accidents, all socket plugs are fitted with fuses.

The construction of the infrared unit also ensures maximum protection against burn accidents. This is achieved by the use of galvanized steel to protect against children or pets getting burnt. These are further emphasized by the lack of any exposed heating components. This means that the unit is completely safe to use even with children playing around.

The infrared heating is also safe for the environment. This is supported by the fact that it uses no carbon combustible fuel, and thus, there are no toxic emissions.

Pocket Friendly

The quartz infrared heater’s price is not overrated. This makes it affordable to customers who have a low spending power. The cost of maintenance is also minimal, making it the more attractive to many customers.

85 %
90 %
87 %



Best Infrared Heaters by Budget – Full Review

The Homegear Pro Large Room Infrared Space Heater- Full Review

This powerful Infrared space/cabinet heater is rated the best choice for its category. This is because of the unique features that are found in it, and the budget friendly price and maintenance fees. This unit is a combination of unmatched performance efficiency and trend setting design and features. These, combined with the safety standards make it the best choice for consumers.

Homegear Pro 1500w Large Room Infrared Space

Efficiently and quickly heats up a medium to large size room. Dual Heating System - combining Mica and Quartz Infrared Heating Tubes. Three heating settings: eco (750W)/low(1000W)/high(1500W)

It is important to describe the features that make this infrared heating unit choice of customers.


The Homegear Infrared Heater is way beyond the league of its peers in its category.  This unit combines quartz and mica heating tubes to heat effectively a large space while maintaining low power consumption. The fast heating and highly efficient heat transmission qualities of quartz tubes, combined with the renowned thermal retention and stability of mica tubes are used to radiate effectively infrared heat uniformly and consistently over a large space. This is a unique feature of great benefit to the user, due to the speed by which infrared heat is generated and radiated and the unit’s stability under high temperatures.

Power Settings

There are three different power settings on the Homegear infrared heater. These are the High at 1500w, Low at 1000w and Eco at 750w.The default temperature level on the Eco mode is 680F. This provides a consistent and comfortable level of heat over a large space while maintaining minimal energy consumption.

Noise Reduction

There is nothing as disconcerting as having a noisy heater. The Homegear infrared heater is fitted with a quiet and efficient blower fan which helps the even distribution of infrared heat throughout the space being heated. The fan also adds to the speed in which desired temperatures are reached. This is achieved by the constant agitation of the infrared heat waves enhancing the process of radiation.


The Homegear infrared space heater has surpassed safety expectations for its category. This unit has no exposed heating elements, meaning that the surface remains cool even when running. This ensures there is minimal risk of burn accidents to children or a pet that may touch the unit. The electrical wiring systems are also done with keen attention to detail. All socket plugs are fitted with appropriate fuses to protect against electric malfunctions which could lead to accidents or damage to the unit.

Also, these units come with an automatic tip over cut off the system. This means that in case the infrared heating unit accidentally tips over while running, the power supply to the heating elements is automatically cut off. This minimizes the risk of injury or fires that could be a result of such accidents.

Easy to Operate

The Homegear Infrared space heater is fitted with a user-friendly operation control panel. This panel includes a highlighted LCD where the temperature is always displayed for monitoring and adjustments. The infrared heating unit also comes with a remote control feature, which enables the user to adjust the temperature levels and also to turn the unit on and off at their convenience. This ensures high levels of user comfort.

Easy to Install

The Homegear Infrared space heater is easy to install, as it only requires plugging into a socket and switching it on and off. It is also easy to move since the unit comes fitted with wheels for easy transfer from room to room. This enhances the convenience and budget-friendly aspect of zone heating.

This infrared space heating unit is optimized for total convenience, as it is fitted with a timer where the user can set times for automatic on and off functions. This means that with the timer set, the user does not have to worry about excess unit running hours. It is also fitted with a thermostat that regulates and maintains temperature settings, avoiding the risk of damage by overheating and also enhancing the energy conservation properties.

The Homegear Infrared Space Heater is lightweight, an aspect that adds to the ease of transfer and enhances zone heating.

There is one outstanding drawback associated with this infrared space heating unit. This is the limited variety of colors to choose from. This unit comes in black color, a fact that may affect the buyer’s choice of color.

85 %
87 %
90 %

Other Considerations to make while selecting an appropriate Infrared Heating unit may include:

  • Shipping

Where the particular unit is not available in your locale, it is important that you put into careful consideration the shipping options available to you. Is there a shipping company that delivers to your locale?

The shipping cost is also another issue. How much will it cost to ship the infrared heater to your locale? Does the shipping cost fit comfortably into your budget?

  • The Purpose for which the Infrared heater is intended

This is a crucial point that every buyer should put into consideration. An in-depth analysis of this point will help the buyer to make an informed decision on the type of infrared heater to purchase.

  • The Price

The prices for different categories of infrared heaters differ. It is imperative that serious and well-researched analysis is done on these subjects. This will assist in making financial decisions that one will not regret later.

  • The Space to be heated

The relative size of the space to be heated is an important factor to consider. This determines the category of the heater to buy based on heat output and transmission capabilities and also the mobility of the infrared heating unit.

  • Safety

Whenever you are choosing an infrared heater, it is of utmost importance that you consider the safety standards. This is a way of avoiding accidents and gives you peace of mind. Only the items that achieve the personally and legally acceptable safety standards should be considered.

  • Maintenance

When choosing an infrared space heater, always be sure to check the maintenance requirements. Some infrared heaters are more durable than others. Striking a balance between durability and efficiency is important. This is to avoid choosing a unit that will last for a hundred years but cannot provide the heating efficiency required.

  • The Technical components

These are mainly the technical details of the infrared space heater. It is important to evaluate them carefully before making a choice, to be able to choose one that will be most efficient and convenient for you.

The insulation properties of the spaces in which the infrared heater is intended to be used should be considered whenever one is choosing a unit. Some building structures retain heat more than others, and would do well with low consumption heaters. Others require high infrared heat transmission to heat up, hence the need for a stronger category. The importance of putting these factors into consideration is to enable you to make an informed decision and choice of infrared space heaters.


The daily cost of living is on a constant rising streak. It is every person’s desire to reduce bills and minimize wastage as much as possible.

One of the areas that we can achieve that is getting a cheaper way of warming our living spaces during winter. It has been proven that warming costs constitute a big proportion of domestic bills. This has been as a result of using space heating methods that are high fuel consuming, and less efficient.

The introduction of infrared space heaters is a step I curbing the perennial issue of outrageous energy bills. These heaters are energy efficient, effluent and emission free and comfortable. They also add to the beauty of your living spaces.

Compared to traditional space heating methods, infrared space heaters hold the key to a more convenient, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly lifestyle. This convenience is achievable by the knowledge that everything is going on as planned, and in matters infrared heating, these space heaters are a guarantee.

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