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Wherever you live, you are never free from bugs. The Mosquito is the best-known insect on earth but not because we love it so much – it is rather contrary to that.  You may be living in a high-rise building in the city or close to nature on your farm, but those pesky little insects will find you anyway.

Dealing with the insect infestation involves careful and conscious actions, and the appropriate electric bug killer makes a huge difference. Now the obvious question is- which is the most effective mosquito killer? We have read countless mosquito killer reviews and found these three mosquito killers to be the best in their category.


Best Mosquito Killer: Flowtron BK-40D

Flowtron BK-40D

Instantaneous Operation,Continuous and Uninterrupted Service

This is considered by us the best mosquito killer on the market!
9.2 Total Score
Best Mosquito Killer 2016

This is considered by us the best mosquito killer on the market!

User Rating: 3.45 (2 votes)

If you are looking for the best mosquito killer out there, then this would be our top pick: the Flowtron BK-40D. You have probably already heard about the Flowtron electronic insect killer as being the best in its category. This powerful device will keep you and your family safe from dreadful diseases caused by mosquitos.

The Flowtron BK-40D may be more expensive than other mosquito killers, but you will be able to depend on it when it comes to keeping your area bug free. If you need a large area to be zapped, this is what you need.  It uses a 40 watt bulb to kill the insects but it does not use much electricity at all. It has a cleanable grid which will allow you to clean it out easily.

With all its features and power,  you will need nothing else. Read more in the full review below.


Best Mosquito Killer for the money: Bug Zapper by Pest Sentry

If you are looking for a safe yet affordable solution for your mosquito problem, the Bug Zapper by Pest Sentry is the solution you are looking for. In its category, we have found this mosquito killer to be the best option if you take price into account.

Bug Zapper by Pest Sentry

EASY CLEAN UP - Insects are collected in a removable, washable tray. The bug zapper also includes a handy cleaning brush to easily remove any insects still caught in the grid.

You can use this zapper inside the house. If you have kids, this is without doubt the best bug repellent for babies. So if you like to keep your doors and windows open during summer, but you hate little bugs who invite themselves inside, this is your answer. It easy to use. You plug it in, and you are all ready to go. This mosquito killer can be positioned free-standing on any flat surface or hung using the stainless steel hang chain.

It is easy to clean with its removable tray at the bottom of the cage. However, it has much more powerful features up its sleeve, which we will cover in more detail later in the article.


Best Mosquito Killer on a budget: Aspectek Bug Zapper

You do not have a big budget to spend on a mosquito killer, but you nevertheless want to be safe and at ease in your home? If you have a smaller area to cover, there are a lot of great options for you. But which one is the best?

Aspectek Bug Zapper

Two 10 Watt UV lights are irresistible for flying insects. Instantly kills flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects

We went on a quest to find the best mosquito killer for the best price. We came across the Aspectek bug zapper and found it the best option for a tight budget.  The Aspectek bug zapper is made to use inside the house.  It is simple to use; it is very quiet, and it will not disturb you while watching TV or reading a book. You can keep it standing on a flat surface or hang it on the wall.

Customers are very satisfied with this mosquito killer, even for its price. Read more about it in the following paragraphs, where we will talk more about its features.

Why you need a mosquito killer

The least you can say about mosquitos is that they are annoying. After a long hot day, it is finally getting cooler and you want to stay outside to enjoy a lovely summer evening. But one stubborn mosquito can spoil the fun and you run inside all scratching and itching.

Know your enemy

In order to choose the best way to protect your romantic summer nights, you need to know who you are up against.
ksThe word ‘Mosquito’ obviously origins in the Spanish language and means ‘little fly’. All mosquitos look the same to us, but did you know there are some 3000 different species of the mosquito worldwide?  And 176 in the USA alone?

For us, it is mostly the mosquito bite that interests us, or better said, that we are trying to avoid. The female mosquito wants our blood as a source of protein to feed her eggs. She pierces through our skin, injects saliva to prevent the blood from clothing and extract a minuscule amount of blood from our vessel.

The mosquito bite is annoying to us because our body will recognize the saliva as ‘foreign’ and the natural release histamine will make the blood vessels swell (bump). The nerves around the bite will respond by giving us that itching feeling.

Although very annoying, the mosquito bite no longer is our main concern, though. Among these 3000 different species, there are 3 that worry us big time.  The Anopheles mosquitoes, the Culex mosquitoes and the Aedes mosquitoes act as the carriers of certain diseases like encephalitis, West Nile fever, malaria and much more. Especially with the coming of the Zita virus, that is believed to be transmitted by mosquitos, we are more cautious than ever.

Buying a mosquito killer is, therefore, a great investment. You can work on preventing mosquito’s to show up in your surroundings in the first place, but that is a concern for the future.  Right now they are there, and killing them is the best way to have quick results.

Things to consider when buying an electronic mosquito killer

  • Safety and ease of use

Especially with kids around, you want your electronic mosquito killer to be safe. You should be protected from accidental contact. It should be easy to clean, easy to hang and easy to operate. The more portable it is, the easier it will be for you to handle.

  • The area

Consider the total area you want to cover by using your mosquito killer, indoors and outdoors. The bigger the area, the more killing power you will need. Your region or climate will also determine how powerful your device has to be. Some areas have more mosquitos than others. Keep that in mind.


  • The price

The price may vary, but in practice, very cheap products will not be that great in quality. You really need decent coverage and enough types of attractant ad/or repellent. The products we are reviewing in this article all have a great quality/price ratio.

  • Inside vs outside

If you want to get rid of mosquitoes inside your home or in your office, you can opt for an indoors-only mosquito killer. However, remember never to use an indoor zapper outside as it will not be able to handle rain and moist.

If you want to kill mosquitoes in a larger area surrounding your house, you have to choose an outdoor mosquito killer. This outside zapper will help you keep the house free just as well. You are creating a bug-free area around the house and inside the house at the same time. You just have to place mosquito killer outside.


Best Mosquito Killer – Full Review

Mosquito bites can transmit many diseases, and the number of such illnesses is in rapid rise nowadays. People are, therefore, searching for the best mosquito killer.

So, which one is the best?

Considering the effectiveness, price, and availability, Flowtron Electronic Mosquito Killer seems to be outstanding in the present market.  This model will protect you from mosquitoes and other flying insects within a 1-acre range.

Flowtron BK-40D

Instantaneous Operation,Continuous and Uninterrupted Service

The Flowtron Mosquito zapper is very popular among costumers because it does what it is supposed to do: attract mosquitoes and kill them.

Founded since 1920, Flowtron is a well-established business and always perfecting their technology. Their products are of very high quality, so there is n reason to doubt the power of the Mosquito Killers they produce.

Here are even more reasons why the Flowtron Mosquito Killers are the best in the market:

  • The non-toxic ultra-violet light of the Flowtron Insect Killer eliminates mosquitoes, flies, and other insects.
  • You have different options for different coverage areas. There is no need to pay for more power than you need.
  • The technique is simple, and the design is modern. The lantern shape will fit your outdoors entirely.
  • Bug zappers emit carbon dioxide, or they use external bait, such as octanol to attract the biting insects into the light. Octenol is the chemical in the human breath and sweat that attracts mosquitoes. The Octenol cartridges trick mosquitoes in believing they’ve located a human. You will kill more mosquitoes by using them.
  • Radiation of the ultra-violet light attracts mosquitoes – and when they are getting in contact with the electric grid, they get an electric shock. This eliminates mosquitoes permanently from your back yard.

As mentioned above, there are different types of Flowtron Insect Killers, but they are all very similar. The only difference between the various types lies in the area they will cover. The Flowtron BK-40D will Coverage 1 acre with 40 Watts, which should be ideal for an average outdoor area with an average amount of flying insects.


More Key Features of the Flowtron BK-40D:

  • Highly efficient, patented and come with the non-clogging killing grid.
  • Vertical rod killing grid system powered by the transformer.
  • Weatherproof polycarbonate construction: no risk of getting corroded, cracked or faded.
  • Bulbs and parts are easy to replace — no tools are needed.
  • Daily operating cost is very cheap.
  • Free USDA-tested Octenol mosquito attractant with slow releasing of cartridge.
  • Unit size when assembled: 11″L x 11″W x 18-1/2″H
  • Size of the carton: 11-1/4″L x 11-1/4″W x 19″H
  • Weight (Shipping): 9 lbs
  • Two-year limited warranty.
Things to remember
When locating the appropriate spot for this insect zapper, place it about 25 feet away from people for safety. It is perfectly okay to kill the bugs at a distance. Also, place this away from your food preparation area or the dining area. It is not toxic, but it is not hygienic to have the dead bugs so close to your food. To get the most out of the mosquito killer, place it in the open air with no obstruction or walls around.
87 %
90 %
97 %

Best Mosquito Killer for the money – Full Review

Our second mosquito killer is the best our there if you consider the price. The Pest Sentry Bug Zapper can be used indoors as well as outdoors and is very easy to maintain. It is very easy to clean with its removable and washable tray. The company even added a small brush to remove any insects that are caught inside the grid.

Bug Zapper by Pest Sentry

EASY CLEAN UP - Insects are collected in a removable, washable tray. The bug zapper also includes a handy cleaning brush to easily remove any insects still caught in the grid.

One of the things that will catch your eye is the lovely and minimalistic design. Most insect killers are big and bulky, but this one is not. It will fit its surroundings perfectly. It is discreet, lightweight and easy to carry. It can be positioned free-standing on a flat surface or hung using the stainless chain that is included.

How does it work?

2xThe Bug Zapper from Pest Sentry emits lights on all four sides that attract the mosquitoes. The bugs are eliminated immediately by flying against the high voltage metal grids positioned right behind the bulbs.

The mosquito killer uses two UV lamps of 10W each. The electronic grid carries a charge of 2000W, which will kill mosquitoes every time. The killed bugs fall in the tray, and you will be free to enjoy your evening.

More interesting features

  • The Pest Sentry mosquito killer comes with a power cable that is twice the normal length, which makes it easy to plug it in wherever you want.
  • You can use this mosquito killer both inside and outside.
  • It is perfectly safe for children and pets. It is 100% SAFETY COMPLIANT – CE, RoHS & GS Safety Certified.
  • Only the highest quality materials are used for long life and durability. The outer parts are made of corrosion and scratch proof aluminium.
  • It comes with a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, the company will give you your money back.

Please do consider this

Even though you can use the Pest Sentry mosquito killer inside the house, it does make an unpleasant sound and sometimes the odor can be repulsive too.

You can easily resolve this by hanging the zapper outside on the balcony in front of an open window. Mosquitoes will not be able to ignore the lights and will be dead before they ever get a chance to come inside.

You can also ‘clean’ a room out before entering. Just put the zapper inside for an hour and have it kill the mosquitos before you put yourself in that room.


Use it everywhere
Because of its design, this zapper can be used everywhere. It is lightweight and easy to carry. You can take it with you on a camping trip for a mosquito free vacation. Take it with you to your hotel, your office, the garage, the patio and so on.
88 %
90 %
95 %



Best Mosquito Killer on a budget – Full Review

You can see the most expensive insect killing zappers available in the market are designed for outdoor use only. They cover large area’s and keep your patio and garden bug-free. However, what if you do not need all that coverage, and you have to keep your purchase within your tight budget? What are your best options?

Aspectek Bug Zapper

Two 10 Watt UV lights are irresistible for flying insects. Instantly kills flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects

Your best choice will be the Aspectek Indoor Bug Zapper for its size, operating effectiveness as well as cost-effectiveness.

How does the Zapper Work?

This device is designed to attract flies, mosquitoes and other pesky bugs to the grid by the two ultraviolet bulbs. As they approach the grid they are immediately zapped.

The protective guard ensures safety for people and pets from touching the grid accidentally. No maintenance is needed. You just empty the bug tray when it is full, you wash it and place it back.

Why the Aspectek Indoor Bug Zapper is the Best Fit for You.

  • It is low-cost. This zapper is just perfect for a lower budget. It is priced around $40 – which is very reasonable.
  • It is user-friendly. This zapper is very easy to use. You just need to hang in the desired location, plug the zapper in and power up to start operation.
  • It is chemical free. Even though it is used indoors, it is safe for family and pets.
  • It has a convenient Light Bulb. This mosquito killer uses two 10W black light bulbs (T8) that are easy to replace and inexpensive.
  • The insect zapper is made in British Columbia – it is not a Chinese product.

Aspectek Indoor Bug Zapper: Key Features.

The Apectek Indoor Bug Zapper is effective in killing mosquitoes and bugs quickly utilizing only 20 watts power. The size of the zapper is perfect for indoor use. It is 15 inches wide which is not too large and not so small.

budgetmosquitoIt has a powerful electronic grid. The protective cage prevents accidental contact with the grid by people or pets. The ultraviolet light of the zapper attracts the insects irresistibly to the killing zone.  No chemicals, toxic ingredients, or fumes are used in this system.  It uses only electrical power and is safe for using around the home.

The ultraviolet light used in this zapper is black– not a white one like some other zappers on the market. The coverage area is about 6000 square feet, and you can easily install it where you see fit.


Once mosquitoes are zapped, they fall into the collection tray which can easily be removed and cleaned when required. It is effectively designed for indoor use: living room, bedroom, kitchen, basement, garage, café, store, restaurant, hospital, office, etc.  You can even use the mosquito killer outdoors as well but it has to be in a covered area.

The Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer is meant for you! It is the longest selling indoor mosquito zapper with very positive customers’ review. This is your best buy if you are on a budget, considering its effectiveness and price.

90 %
87 %
85 %


Other considerations
While going all the information out there on getting rid of mosquites, we came across some inforamtion that will help you prevent mosquitoes in the first place. You will always be in need of a mosquito killer if you want to live a bug-free life. But there are things you can do to lower the amount of mosquitoes you have to kill. As you may know, mosquitoes need water to grow. And you do have some controle on the water surrounding your area.

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