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Even if your pregnancy is as perfect as it can be, sleep won’t come easily to you. It’s really tough to figure out how to sleep with a bowling ball, especially when it’s attached to you. You can’t sleep on your stomach for obvious reasons, and sleeping on your back isn’t recommended because it can impede the flow of blood and nutrients to your placenta. Positions are limited. Yikes! On behalf of women who have survived this very situation, I can assure you that a pregnancy pillow will change your life.

Three pregnancies later, I have tried many pillows and can say with certainty that all pregnancy pillows are not created equal. The following article provides several pregnancy pillow reviews, reveals the overall best pregnancy pillow, the best pregnancy pillow for the money, and the best pregnancy pillow on a budget.

As a side note, don’t cheap out and assume your husband is going to serve as your pregnancy pillow. He won’t cut it. Lumpy, unsmooth, squirmy, inflexible and, at times, smelly, you’ll want a refund.  Splurge on pillow and forget about the wipes warmer and the diaper repository. You won’t regret it.


Best Pregnancy Pillow: Comfort-U Total Body Pillow

Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow

The Comfort-U is a generously oversized U-shaped pillow, long enough for you to stretch out and support both sides of your body.

The most popular pregnancy pillow and our best pregnancy pillow overall!
9.2 Total Score
Best Pregnancy Pillow!

The most popular pregnancy pillow and our best pregnancy pillow overall!

User Rating: 4.8 (1 votes)

The Comfort-U is our #1 pick because it combines the best features into one product. Even though it is a little more expensive than competitive products, can you really put a price tag on high quality sleep?

The ‘U’ design is unique compared to any other products out there and gives this pillow an edge. Support is incredibly important in pregnancy pillows and this one comes out on top there too, having found the essential balance of soft and supportive. Now, I can attest to the extreme frustration associated with changing a pregnancy pillow ‘pillowcase’ but changing the Comfort-U cover is fairly easy for such a huge pillow.

Ultimately, the purpose of a pregnancy pillow is to improve your ability to sleep comfortably (and sleep period!), and this one does that the best.


Best Pregnancy Pillow for the Money: Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

The Snoogle is a very popular pregnancy pillow and provides a very good balance between price and quality. I used the Snoogle for my third pregnancy and know countless women who swear by it.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Snoogle takes the place of multiple pillows to support hips, back, neck, and tummy

It has some very nice features – one of which is its flexibility; there are many many ways you can position this pillow. It also provides ample support and doesn’t seem to ever feel deflated. Further, it is a nice size. It will comfortably fit in a queen size bed along with you and your partner. It necessitates a little more maneuvering than the Comfort-U should you want to change positions, but none-the-less the quality of the product is strong.

On the con side, although shape of the pillow is (obviously) paramount to its functionality, it makes changing the pillowcase about as easy as getting a 5-year old excited about meatloaf. This chore was my least favorite aspect of the pillow. Word of caution, don’t even think about doing this when you are just about ready to go to bed.


Best Pregnancy Pillow on a Budget: J Shaped Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow

The J Shaped pillow is an excellent option for those who are a little more budget-conscious. Similar to the Snoogle, it is very versatile. It is a great option for folks who want to tuck a section of the pillow between their legs and also use it in place of their usual head pillow. While it certainly isn’t the most luxurious pregnancy pillow, it functions well.

J Shaped- Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow

Includes 1 pillow and 1 removable zippered protector

Like any budget product, it won’t ‘wear’ as well as the Comfort-U or Snoogle and has a few design features that could be annoying. For example, users may find it a little on the heavy side and without as much filling as its counterparts. Further, the outer zipper, good in theory, can be annoying if it presses into you.

This pillow definitely beats surrounding yourself with half a dozen normal pillows despite its shortcomings, and thus, is a very decent budget option.

Why you need a Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy comes with many delights and challenges. As your body changes and grows significantly, aches and pains become a reality almost everywhere. If you’re a first time mom, everyone under the sun will tell you to stockpile sleep before the baby comes, but this is easier said than done. Your burgeoning bump will seriously hinder your ability to get a good nights rest because it’s so darn hard to get comfortable. Plus the support your pregnant body needs changes greatly when you are lying down.

Pillows become an obvious solution – one for under your belly, one for between your knees, one for behind your back, one for under your head… already we are up to four at a minimum. Get them perfect, tell your husband not to move or touch you, close your eyes, and drift off to sleep. SHOOT! You have to go to the bathroom. Cue the process all over again.

The beauty of a pregnancy pillow is that it combines all aforementioned pillows into ONE and provides you with the right kind of support in ALL of the key areas your body needs.

I wondered if this was a worthwhile investment for only 9 months. The answer is  “yes, it is”, but the reality is that you’ll use it for longer than 9 months. Most pregnancy pillows have multiple applications post baby – sleep aid post-partum, nursing, and sitting aid for baby to name a few. It’s very unlikely that you’ll give birth and immediately stop using your pillow. Also noteworthy is that these pillows have uses beyond pregnancy. Non-pregnant folks use them for conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic pain, among others. When you consider that your investment will last, it’s an easier decision to make.

The reality is, this is one of the most important pregnancy purchases you can make. Splurge for it or add it to your registry. There are a lot of silly products out there related to pregnancy and babies but this is not one of them.

What makes a great Pregnancy Pillow – The Buyer’s Guide

There are several key things you want to look for in a pregnancy pillow, namely:

It needs to provide the right balance of support and comfort.

It should provide the right contour for your body.

Quality of construction:
It needs to hold up to steady use (plus potential abuse as you pummel it into shape and/or throw it off the bed).

It should be a good match for your height, weight and preferred sleep positions.

The selection of products available means you can find one right for your budget.


Best Pregnancy Pillow Full Review


Comfort-U Total Body Pillow

We consider the Comfort-U the Cadillac of pregnancy pillows. It does very well on all of the key features. It is available for around the $100 mark and we say it’s worth the money. If you can afford it, this is a small price to pay for solid and comfortable sleep.

Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow

The Comfort-U is a generously oversized U-shaped pillow, long enough for you to stretch out and support both sides of your body.

+ Strengths

The Comfort-U is soft, yet supportive. It is filled with something called Fusion Fiber (specific to Comfort-U) that prevents lumping and clumping; it is a hypoallergenic synthetic fill. The pillow holds its shape very well and does not require as much ‘fluffing’ as some of its lesser counterparts, so the Fusion Fiber seems to be doing its job. It comes with a 50/50 pillowcase but pillowcases of different fabrics are available to order.

The ‘U’ shape of the Comfort-U pillow is its best feature. First, it allows you to position the ‘U’ opening at your head or feet, thereby using your own pillow for your head if you want to. AND more importantly, it allows you to roll from one side to the other without shifting the pillow. This is an AMAZING feature. It may not sound like a big deal but considering these pillows can weigh upwards of 8 pounds and measure 5 feet in length, not having to move one around multiple times in the night is something you and your partner will both appreciate.

The Comfort-U is well made. You won’t be disappointed in the craftsmanship, the look and feel of the pillow or the materials used.

– Weaknesses

The size of the pillow is both strength and a drawback. First of all, it’s huge. You might feel like you’re sleeping in a bunker. Your partner can move to the guest room because you aren’t going to be seeing each other for a while. It’s almost too big for a queen-sized bed. It’s comfortable in a king, but depending on how you sleep, it could be a tight fit in a queen.

That said, the size is what affords it the U-shape. If it were any other way, it would sacrifice comfort and ease of use, both of which are paramount to making the Comfort-U the overall best pregnancy pillow. A noteworthy detail is that it is available in a petite size, recommended for those 5’ 2” and under.

Best Feature:
U-Shape design means you don’t have to move the pillow around as you roll over.

Worst Feature:
Size. It’s borderline too big.


Best Pregnancy Pillow for the Money – Full Review


Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

The Snoogle is a high quality, very functional pregnancy pillow. Like the Comfort-U, it also does very well on the key features. It is available for around the $70 mark and it is definitely the best option for the money. If you don’t want to invest in the Comfort-U, this is an excellent choice. In fact, some would say it’s better.

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Snoogle takes the place of multiple pillows to support hips, back, neck, and tummy

I managed through my first pregnancy with a traditional body pillow – one of those oversized rather regular rectangular pillows. I used it sometimes but most of the time it ended up on the floor at some point through the night. I was very restless and wakeful through much of that pregnancy. I yearned to sleep on my belly but this was obviously out of the question.

I heard the merits of pregnancy pillows, but didn’t really believe they could make that much difference. Well during my third pregnancy, a friend loaned me a Snoogle for a few nights. I honestly COULD NOT believe what it did for me.

+ Strengths

The Snoogle supported every part of my body where I needed it. The Snoogle is filled with a polyester fiber, which is very comfortable and supportive. The cover is a cotton/poly blend. I felt like I was cuddling with a cozy, firm, oversized, supportive, teddy bear designed just for me. Plus I could angle my belly towards the mattress without actually putting pressure on it, which satisfied my craving for my favorite sleep position. I was sold. I got one of my own. My sleep hadn’t been terrible, but suddenly it was so much better.

I’m not one to spend the most money on something if there is another reasonable option out there for less, and the Snoogle hit that mark perfectly.

– Weaknesses

As far as we’re concerned, the Snoogle has two drawbacks. First, you do have to move the pillow from one side to the other as you flip from your left side to your right. This is a pain in the middle of the night when it’s hard enough just to turn yourself over.

Second, changing the pillowcase is an exercise in frustration! Because of the shape of the pillow, the pillowcase only goes on one way and it doesn’t have a zipper side opening, so you have to feed the pillow through the case. And when I say ‘feed’, I mean smash, punch, push, smoosh and swear that pillow through that tube. And, if you’re like me, you change your pillowcases just as you want to go to bed so you’re already tired. By the time you finish changing your Snoogle pillowcase, you literally hate it. That is until you snuggle up next to it and realize it’s your best friend. All is forgiven. The Snoogle is quite fabulous.

Best Feature:
Perfect combination of support and comfort.

Worst Feature:
Pillowcase design.


Best Pregnancy Pillow on a Budget – Full Review


J Shaped Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow 

If the Comfort-U is a Cadillac, the J Shaped Body Pillow is akin to a Hyundai. It’s going to serve its purpose and serve it fairly well, but you may be ready to part ways soon after your peanut arrives. It is available for around the $50 mark. Both the fill and the cover are polyester.

J Shaped- Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow

Includes 1 pillow and 1 removable zippered protector


+ Strengths

The shape of this pillow is a strength as it contours well to many body types. It’s easy to position for back and tummy support, as well as with a section between your legs to facilitate spine alignment.

Another strength is that it’s less substantive than the Comfort-U and the Snoogle, a good feature for those who don’t want a pillow to take up their whole bed (and completely ruin their sex life).

Further, the pillowcase is zippered so it comes off and on easily for washing

– Weaknesses

An important downside is that the J-Shaped Premium pillow is on the firm side, perhaps too firm. It doesn’t ‘fluff’ up well and thus isn’t as cuddly as one might like. It also seems very thin compared to other pillows. Further, it’s heavier than the Comfort-U and the Snoogle, which can impede maneuverability. Some women find the section that supports the head to be an awkward shape, so it may take a little more maneuvering to get it right.

It has a few other negatives that are less critical to functionality but worth mentioning none-the-less. Although the zippered cover makes changing the case a snap, the zipper can be uncomfortable depending on your sleeping position. Further, the product may not hold up as well as its more expensive counterparts. Some have complained about seems coming apart soon after purchase and the fabric cover seeming cheap and rough. Further, it lacks instructions so you may need to consult online guides or a healthcare professional for proper usage.

Overall, the J-Shaped Pillow is still a good option for those with a budget to consider as it ticks the important box of comfortable support. It just comes up a little short in some of the finer details.

Best Feature:
Pillow shape contours well to most body types.

Worst Feature:
Overly firm.

Other Considerations

Your other half

We’d be remiss if we didn’t warn you about how your partner will feel about a pregnancy pillow. He WILL NOT like it. It is the size of a small person so he’ll feel slighted and replaced. The pillow will form a wall of sorts between you. Any cuddling, touching and intimacy will be compromised. Having said that, your partner should understand that good sleep supersedes anything. It just means intimacy may need to be a little more deliberate.

Try them out first

We’d also be remiss if we didn’t suggest that you try out different pillows. The various shapes, sizes and materials available will appeal to different people. No matter how perfect a pillow might be in theory, it won’t work for everyone. We all know that the wrong ‘regular’ pillow can rob you of a good nights sleep; and just like a regular pillow, the pregnancy pillow that works for you will be very preference-based. So borrow a pregnancy pillow from a friend or relative, if you can, before you take the plunge. If this isn’t possible, make sure you understand the retailer’s return policy.


To conclude, having a pregnancy pillow will definitely improve your sleep. It will support and cushion all the parts that require it and replace the need to fiddle with multiple regular pillows. Depending on your preferences and budget, there many choices available to find one that is right for you.

As we alluded to earlier, there are many pregnancy and baby products that are unnecessary. Whether or not budget is a concern, forego the wipes warmer, pee-pee tee-pees, diaper receptacle and fancy baby clothes, and invest in your sleep. You won’t regret it. If someone says a pregnancy pillow isn’t helping, then in all likelihood, they haven’t found the right one.



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